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Before placing your order with us, please take a few moments to read through the information on this page...

LeWalt Publishing

4930 E. Horsehaven Ave.
Post Falls, ID 83854
(208) 773-0645
email: lewalt@icehouse.net

  After you've read through all of the ordering info and are ready to place your order, here are two ordering methods...

1. Make your purchases by check or money order...

  If paying by check or money order, just click here for a ready-to-print order form, and mail it to

LeWalt Publishing, 4930 E Horsehaven Ave, Post Falls, Idaho 83854 U.S.A..

2. Make your purchases online...

For online purchases (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express), just click on PayPal, and click on their "Send Money" link in the blue background at the top of the page. As explained on PayPal's page, all that's needed for online purchases is our e-mail address e-mail, your credit card number, and the amount of purchase in U.S. dollars. To begin filling your order right away, you can either send us an e-mail through PayPal describing your purchases (please include your name, address, and phone number), or just send us an e-mail directly.

  If you haven't used PayPal before, they are the world's #1 online payment service, currently used by over 100 million people world-wide for their online credit card and bank account transactions through over 3 million eBay(TM) auctions, and on thousands of online shops. When you send money through PayPal, you can fund your payments with your credit card or checking account. You won't have to worry about your privacy, because PayPal uses an ingenius and absolutely foolproof system to keep your account information safe - a system that's more secure than mailing a check or giving your credit card number to a clerk in a store.

How to Order Single Tabs and CD Demonstrations from the Main Listing...
  Order numbers are shown in the left-hand column.

Ordering Tabs With CDs...
   To order single tabs with CD demonstrations, first determine if the selection has been recorded by referring to the "CD Demo Available"? column in the listing. If "CD Not Available" is entered in the column, the selection has yet to be recorded. If the selection has been recorded, please note the tab order number and add a "T". Ex: to order a CD demonstration for G1547, write TG1547on your order form and specify your choice in the CD column.


Ordering CD demonstrations only...
  Providing CD demonstrations for unrecorded tabs is an ongoing project of ours. If you order tabs for songs that have yet to be recorded, please visit us occasionally to see if your tabs have recently been recorded.

Minimum Order for CD demonstrations...
  The MINIMUM order for CD demonstrations is THREE SONGS ($6.00 in addition to tab prices if you're also ordering tabs). That's not so much to offset the cost of CD blanks (we all know how much they cost), but the cost of jewel boxes and custom CD labels - the latter being pretty pricey, relatively speaking.

Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Playing Levels...
Categorizing tabs in terms of player ability and so forth, isn't easy. Often, we're not sure here at the office where we fit into the scheme of things - some days even simple tunes seem tough! All we can really be sure of is that most of us have our own definitions of such things, so just regard Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels (abbreviated as B, I, and A in the song descriptions) as relative to each other ... more or less.

CD Demonstrations include...
  1) Slow tempo demonstration (except for songs normally played at slow tempo).
  2) Normal tempo demonstration.
  3) Most of our CD demonstrations also include tuning references and descriptive
       comments, including suggestions for performing various phrases and sections.
  4) Many demonstrations also include "play-along" sections consisting of full background for
       you to play along, once you've learned the tunes.

Applies to all Selections...
  1) Unless otherwise indicated in parentheses to the right of the song descriptions, all tabs are
       in standard tuning. Please see following table of tunings and abbreviations).
  2) Tablature prices are based on length and complexity.

Tuning and other Listing Abbreviations...
  DD: Drop D tuning (6th string is lowered to D - DADGBE).
  G6: G6 tuning (5th string lowered to G, and 6th string is lowered to D - DGDGBE).
  Dm: Strings are tuned to the notes of a D minor chord (DADFAD).
  OPEN G: Strings are tuned to the notes of a G chord (DGDGBD).
  OPEN D: Strings are tuned to the notes of a D chord (DADF#AD).
  OTHER: Strings may be tuned to altered sequences such as:
          DADGBD, DADGAD, DGDGCE, DADGCE, CGDGBE, plus many others.
  KEY: Shown to the left of the tablature price.

  The following abbreviations are included in collections consisting of a mixture of General Fingerstyle and Travis Picking:
  TP = Travis Picking (selection consists of alternating bass string patterns).
  GF = General Fingerstyle (selection consists mainly of classically-oriented right-hand finger
       assignments, with little or no alternating bass content).

(Unspecified selections are arranged in General Fingerstyle).

How to Order Collections...
  To order collections, note the collection order numbers (Example: GC6089) and price. ALL collection prices INCLUDE tabs AND CD demonstrations.

Ordering Collections vs Single Tabs and CD demonstrations
  Although single tablatures and CD demonstrations may be purchased from collections, all collections have been designed to provide substantial discounts of between 40% and 60% (as compared to single tablatures and CD demonstrations).
  We're able to offer such discounts because of less time needed to fill orders. Custom CDs of single songs require more recording steps than do collections on CD - hence, the $2.00 cost per copy.

To Order Single Tabs from Collections
  Just make note of the order number (shown left of each title), then the song title, and price for each selection.

To order CD demonstrations of Single Tabs from Collections

1) Note the tab order number and add a "T". (Example: to order a CD demonstration of
       G1547, write TG1547)
2) Please add $2.00 per song for CD demonstrations.
3) The minimum order for CD demonstrations is $6.00 (3 songs).


(Physical orders are shipped on Tuesdays and Fridays. By definition, no shipping charges are required for email orders; these are sent out daily).

U.S.A. and Canada:
  Up to $15.00: Please add $3.50
  Up to $25.00: Please add $4.50
  Up to $40.00: Please add $5.00
  Up to $60.00: Please add $5.50
  Up to $80.00: Please add $6.50
  Up to $100.00: Please add $7.50
  Up to $125.00: Please add $8.50
  Over $125.00: Please add $9.50

Other Countries:
  Europe: Please double the US amounts
  Australia & Japan: Please double the US amounts and also include an additional $3.00

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