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  Don't see a listing for your favorite tune? For titles not listed, why not try our CUSTOM TRANSCRIBING and ARRANGING SERVICE? Here's how it works:

Note-for-Note Transcriptions

   Reference recordings are of course essential for rendering transcriptions. We'll first search for the recording(s) online and download them from web sites such as iTunes. In the event such recordings are unavailable, MIDI's may also sometimes serve as references. If we are unable to locate the recordings, it would be necessary for you to either send us a CD (postal mail) or email an .mp3 to us. Then, just tell us which sections (breaks, fills, backup, etc) you'd like to have written in tablature. Your arrangements(s) would be emailed to you in TablEdit format.

Custom Arrangements

  As with the above, reference recordings are also needed for developing and rendering tablature arrangements of the song(s) you'd like to learn (sheet music (standard notation) can also serve as a reference supplement, but it's not essential). Then, just tell us your preferences, if any, for keys, special tunings, playing styles, and playing level difficulty. Reference recordings need not be of the instrument for which the song is to be arranged. As with note-for-note transcriptions, your arrangement would be emailed to you in TablEdit format.

Note-for-note transcription and custom arrangement costs:

   In general, transcription and custom arrangement costs are based on song length and complexity. As a rule, transcriptions cost more than custom arrangements because they are dependent on reference recording clarity, and because more time is usually required for determining neck positions, tunings, etc.

  Once the reference recording(s) (or sheet music) have been evaluated, we email an estimate of cost to you. Work on your arrangement or transcription then commences upon confirmation and receipt of payment. Whether you wish us to proceed with the project or not, reference recordings and sheet music will be returned to you.

Cost Caveats:
  We are able to provide custom transcriptions and arrangements at much lower cost (sometimes only a third or half as much!) than other similar services, by reserving the right to include custom transcriptions and arrangements in our web site listings, in the hope that other players will find them to be of interest.

Custom Audio Recordings

  If you've looked at our listings elsewhere on the site, you may have noticed that not all of our selections have yet been recorded. Sometimes, however, it's necessary to hear songs played to understand their timing and feel, and that's where our Custom Audio Recording Service comes in.

How it works:

   If you determine that a song you've ordered from us would benefit from a recorded demonstration, just let us know which song you'd like to hear. We'll send you a CD or .mp3 of the song demonstrated at slow and faster tempo, including explanations of all hand movements and techniques involved in performing the song.

  The cost for each custom audio recording (including recording, shipping and handling) is $50.00, with an average demonstration time of 25-30 minutes per song. All custom recordings are informal, one-on-one masters (not duplications), almost like private instruction.

Turnaround time for custom transcriptions, arrangements, and recordings:

     Usually, custom audios, arrangements and transcriptions are shipped within six weeks from receipt of order. Sometimes, however, due to having to work custom orders around other activities in the office, more time is required. If that becomes the case, we'll send a letter of explanation with a new completion date commitment, at which time you may opt for a full refund. For more information, just email us at lewalt@icehouse.net or or call or write Harold Streeter at: 208-773-0645 - 4930 E Horsehaven Ave, Post Falls, Idaho 83854 U.S.A.

*One-on-One Private Instruction for beginning to advanced players*

  If you've had difficulty connecting with qualified instructors in your area, I offer private 5-string banjo, mandolin, guitar, bass, and dobro instruction in northern Idaho, focusing on arranging, applied theory, technique, ear training, and on playing with other musicians. Private sessions are usually 6-hour-per-day "cram" courses, with all written and recorded materials provided.

  The usual length of stay is 3 days, but...you're the boss. Stay as long as you'd like, and we'll cover any and all topics you choose. If you're not within comfortable driving distance and would like to fly in, we're just 30 miles from Spokane International Airport (Washington). We can pick you up and arrange your accommodations. For more information, just contact us at lewalt@icehouse.net.

*5-String Banjo and Guitar Workshops for intermediate level players*

  If traveling to northern Idaho for 3-day study sessions isn't feasible, how about a workshop in your area? Workshop curriculums for 5-string banjo and/or guitar are similar to those for private instruction, with emphasis on applied theory, technique, improvisation, accompaniment, and arranging (with overnight arranging assignments). All written materials are provided.

  Workshops consist of three 6-hour days with class size limited to 20 to insure individual attention. If you'd like to organize a workshop, just contact us at: lewalt@icehouse.net or call or write Harold Streeter at: 208-773-0645 - 4930 E Horsehaven Ave, Post Falls, Idaho 83854 U.S.A.

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