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Banjo Newsletter - Packed with tabs and articles for 3-finger pickers and clawhammer players, Banjo Newsletter is the best 5-string banjo magazine in the world!

Mandolin Cafe - A very nice and comprehensive mandolin web site which features good quality tabs and articles about most facets of mandolin.

Native Ground Music - A very informative site about Historic American Music & Folklore.

GuitarSite.com - A guide to over 1000 Guitar Resources & Music Sites.

Flatpick.com - Featuring very high quality tabs and articles about our flat picking heroes, if you're an avid flat picker, Flatpicking Guitar Magazine is the best magazine source of instructional flat pick guitar material to be found anywhere. Subscriptions include 6 packed issues a year (every issue is huge!) and a high quality CD for every issue.

ezFolk.com - Featuring easy, user-friendly tabs, this is a good instructional site for banjo, folk guitar, and ukulele.

banjofever.com - This is the site for the best banjo bridge on the planet - in my humble opinion. It was designed and is made by Kelly Emerson, son of Bill Emerson, the highly acclaimed banjo player. I've owned and played a 1928 40-hole archtop since 1959. It's always been a great banjo and I never had need to consider another. Kelly's bridge, however, gave it a kick and a punch it never had before. Check it out.

acutab.com - Very high quality (and as the name implies, very accurate) Bluegrass tab books for banjo, mandolin and guitar

Guitar Lessons, Guitar Tabs & Chords from Crossroads - Crossroads online guitar tabs and guitar lessons conducts streaming instruction for advanced or beginning guitar students; try our free guitar lessons before you purchase!

The Rockin' B Ranch - The best Cowboy Supper Show in the Pacific Northwest. Reason for this link is this is where I've hung my hat the past six years every summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day, playing guitar, banjo and mandolin. We put on a traditional western show (Sons of the Pioneers, etc.) consisting of western oldies, some Bluegrass and Texas swing, and a few new ones as well. If you're within driving distance of Spokane, Washington or Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and are looking for a clean, fun, family night out full of great entertainment and food, please visit their site for more info.

ludikermusic.com - We heartily recommend Ludiker Music for the best in all things relating to fiddle: instruction, books, CDs, and bows.

dotones.com - A great site for .mp3 players and software.

EARL SCRUGGS - The Greatest Banjo Picker - Here's a must-have film for all serious banjo pickers. It's from a 1973 TV special entitled "Earl Scruggs - the Greatest Banjo Picker". Running 90 minutes, it's available on VHS or DVD.

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